Fantastic visit. Shame they charge for visas – it makes Morocco and Tunisia more attractive for short notice travelers. There is plenty to see here – lots of UNESCO sites and more

The Monument to the Martyrs of Independence looms over Algiers so is in a lot of pics. Within the city is the UNESCO site of the Casbah.

Just west is Tipasa, a Roman city lost to the Vandals in the 400s and taken back in the 500s by the Byzantines. Lost late 600s to the Arabs. 

The French really thought they were staying forever so the roads and architecture in the city is magnificnet. There were 1 million French colonists at the peak.

Great to meet up with global explorer Martin House and be guided by a friend of a friend who is a now a friend, Mohamed Anis Amirouche

To learn about the modern history of Algeria I recommend youtube, search documentary Algeria by Algeria it covers off the Presidents since independence.

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