My name is Tudor Clee, I’m a lawyer and fashion designer from New Zealand who has visited over 200 countries and territories including every UN Member and observer state (195).

It’s an exceptional privilege to have the time and resource to fulfil my boyhood dream of visiting every country. I’m sharing my overwhelmingly positive experiences on this site through short stories and photos.

My first interview on visiting all the nation states was in’s newsletter (half way down)

On a larger scale I want to change the way children view the world and their place in it. In particular to promote tolerance in gender, culture, and identity.  I created which is the first app where kids teach kids about the world.  The UN named it the best app in the world to promote intercultural dialogue.

I’ll keep updating the sections with details of drivers, guides, fixers, logistics, etc.. for various places.  Also some travel tips and gear tips.  All photos shot on Sony, mostly RX1 and lately RX1rii.  Underwater on RX100m3. Many thanks to Sony NZ for support on the gear.


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