Situated in the north coast of South America.

There is a little strip from the east coast of Venezuala through to the north Coast of Brazil.

It was Dutch for a while but eventually the Brits and French carved pieces off – Guyana was British, Suriname in the middle speaks Dutch, and French Guiana is not independent. (reminds me of Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia)

The purpose of these places was plantations and trading with the empire – as such in spite of being on the South American continent they are considered Caribbean for all intents and purposes. There are basically no useable roads even joining each other. (similar to west africa with no trade useable roads between neighbours).

Guyana is most known in the west for Jim Jones and his cult who committed mass suicide 30+ years ago. While the phrase ‘drink the Kool aid’ is common it is possible it was an alternative brand of ‘flavour aid’ that was used.

Sadly the place is becoming another victim of America’s war on drugs. Locals I spoke to said the level of violence had massively increased last 10/15 years since other drug smuggling options closed up and Guyana became a viable route.

Not a big tourist destination, most famous thing is a waterfall and a lighthouse.

There were some small museums about history and independence which were really good and I highly recommend.

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