Possibly the least visited country in the world – estimated around 1000 per year of which 300 are tourists. As there is only a flight every 3 days and there were 2 other tourists that works out about right.

It is a part of the commonwealth and used to be the Ellice of Gilbert and Ellice Islands. In spite of having fewer than 10,000 people it went out on its own. It was only able to pay the 100k required to join the UN when someone offered them a pile of $ to sell the .tv domain name for them.

Like many small nations there is a high cost of imported goods, quality food is hard to come by, and there are 3 Chinese restaurants plus the one at hotel. None served coffee or even had ice. 

I was staying in the guest house and met Maggie from Australia who was working there on Fisheries. We teamed up with the other two tourists and cycled the 8 km (5 miles) length of the country.

Did a little free diving, water nice, not many fish.

There was a jail with 10 people in it seems mostly boat crews who get drunk and make trouble in their waters.

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