Visit to the magnificent city of Mogadishu.

Many thanks to Sebastian Lindstrom for arranging the visit and the amazing work he is doing to tell a positive story from this place.

I was hosted at Peace Hotel with service and comfort that exceeded expectations – I don’t understand how anyone can provide free espresso coffee and still pay their bills.

Why is Somalia so important? The port of Mogadishu is strategically located for trade over 1000 years. Before judging why it is known for violence perhaps ask why.. the 5 stars on the flag are the 5 areas of greater Somalia – Italian Somalia, British Somaliland, Djibouti (french somalia) Ogaden (Ethiopia) and North West territories (Kenya). 

The place was carved up then spat out incomplete – the Brits gave the Ogaden to Ethiopia due to an agreement made 50 years earlier even though it was largely ethnic Somalis. The French kept Djibouti for strategic reasons, Somaliland didn’t feel it was represented so splintered, North West territories is where Kenya tries to keep the peace and locals want independence.

It has some of the best street art I’ve ever seen – note the style differences in my Chad album. Also west africa art style.

Disclaimer – the street scenes were shot through a tinted bullet proof glass while moving. I over cut the frame rate so it wouldn’t blur and the result is more pixelation than I would prefer.

[srizonfbalbum id=35]