Very lucky to visit this troubled country. What is happening there is a tragedy of epic proportions. A country with the most oil in the world yet horrific levels of child malnutrition, murders, and violence. I felt like I was in the eye of the storm. The country had basically run out of food a month before and a lot of people died trying to access the government food stores. The currency had been cancelled impoverishing practically everyone.

I spent 5 days there and visited the incredible Salto Angel. 1km high falls and a natural wonder of the world.

4 years ago they had 120 tourist a night just at the lodge I stayed – I was the only tourist in the entire town and the only person that day at the falls. This was eerily similar to Djenne in Mali (from 15,000 tourists a year to 100). 

I had a lovely dip in the waters beneath the fall and felt conflicted by how incredible it was to have one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world to myself and by awful it was that my guide was making around 20 cents an hour as his work relied on taking full boatloads of tourists daily and earning tips.

My trip was arranged by who were totally reliable and managed every aspect. It is a 3 day two night trip to get out there. From Caracas – to Puerto Ordiz, one hour transfer, spend night, next day cessna to Canaima, next day boat to the falls and spend the night.

I really hope the political crisis comes to a peaceful end sooner rather than later.

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