Fantastic visit to the Galapogas.

I am VERY weary of places people say are great but…. I am officially giving this place an ‘exceptional‘ rating (in league with Yemen, Petra, Palau, Micronesia).

As a result of my skepticism I only had 3 full days there. The shortest time to have a decent trip would be 7. Reason being there are 3 main islands and you have to travel 7am between them and usually when you get to the next one the excursions have already departed so you lose time.

Also if there aren’t sufficient numbers for an excursion it gets cancelled – so one of my days that was to include diving and one of the best land places vanished and I didn’t have much of a plan B as there was little to be done on that island unless you were on a tour. 

It is remarkably cheap to be on the islands – airbnb can be found for under $30 a night with full kitchen. The cost is the exclusions to other islands or diving etc.. usually $130 USD a day at least or more.

Some things are free or cheap like a cycle trip to see the Tortoises.

I had a magnificent day at Kicker Rock free diving. I was lent a go pro by a diver to get some footage – I will definitely go back with a proper camera.

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