Famous for the Lake which makes up one third of its area and is.. Lake Malawi.

It used to be British and known as British Central Africa then Nyasaland.

I flew into the capital city Lilongwe so I could taxi out to the Lake. I would recommend instead visiting Blantyre which is the commercial capital and has the museum. There is basically nothing for tourists in Lilongwe and it is very spread out so transport tricky.

Best part was getting out of the tourist market into the second hand clothes market and wandering around there.

Taxis are tricky – flat rate of $35 USD from the airport to town in a 30 minute ride is clearly ridiculous. I negotiated a driver to take me to the Lake and back and in spite of the lake being 1/3 of the Country he got lost and couldn’t find it. His wheel then blew up and I ended up ditching him for someone who had heard of Lake Malawi and would take me..

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