Visit to Tripoli.

There are no tourist visas available but I am advised there are 9000 people still employed by the tourism department. (1/3 of the population is on a government job)

Seems to be relative peace in the city as the armed militias have largely been stamped out.

I am told the airport runs a little smoother as now the people working there have uniforms so you know who they are – a few weeks ago everyone was just in street clothes.

Not a lot of military presence or even police. The main industry is Oil followed by Telecoms and Cafes. Cafes all brimming with men.

People seemed happy to see a visitor and were very welcoming.

It is a long road back to where Tourism was 7 years ago which is a shame for such a fascinating place. This is still very much in the ‘extreme’ travel level but the situation is improving rapidly and a visit is a must. Contact on he speaks fluent english, as does his guide Yousef Al Khattali who is incredibly knowledgeable about history. Ibrahim can arrange visa/flights/tour/hotel etc..

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