I was mostly focused on Touchable Earth but managed to get to the three UNESCO sites

Antigua – the old capital city destroyed by earth quakes hence new capital in Guatemala City. Its a beautiful colonial town very popular with backpackers.

Quirigua – no one had heard of this – its harder to get to and much smaller than the other ruins in the area – but I enjoyed it. Has the largest free standing stone structure in the world – possibly now supported as it fell over in an earth quake and was damaged while putting back up. I wanted to visit in context of Copan ruins (Honduras) as Quirigua went over and killed their famous leader 18 Rabbit around 1300 years ago which was impressive given the relative size difference. 

Tikal – the big one and most famous. It had been cleared 100 years ago but again covered in Jungle. Made it really hard to get a feel for the whole area. Back in the day it was all open so would be good to see it restored like that.

On the whole great visit, Antigua fav place in central America.

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