Discovered by a Brit (Marshall) but annexed by the Germans then given to the Japanese then taken by the Americans. Now a UN member country but with a special relationship with USA and a giant military base.

If you ever feel a bit hard done by spare a thought for the Marshallese – while being liberated from Imperial Japanese rule would normally cheer one up its less so when your country is going to be a nuclear test site.

Had a day in the water and was impressed with what was so close to the capital. Would be great to get further out.

The second photos is ‘message in a bottle’. Sadly its totally appropriate to throw your garbage straight into the sea in spite of living right next to it. Moments earlier I snapped an older girl doing exact same thing then this younger one copied her.

The country recieves significant aid from ROC Taiwan, Japan and the US. Few others too, practially everything has a gift label on it.

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