The 6th of the 7 modern wonders of the world – and impressive as hoped for.

The Mayans were ahead of Europe in mathematics and astronomy when these were built around 1000 years ago. Perhaps marginally ahead of the Central Asians/Persians though it would have been close by 1400.

They had independantly invented the number zero which helped – remember that it was illegal to say the number zero in Europe until 1580s.

The most famous pyramid has 91 stairs on each side – 4×91 the plus the alter is 365. At the equinox (mid march and sept) the light hits exactly on the edge making a shiming snake effect.

There is also the largest Meso American Ball Game court – far bigger than the ones I saw elsewhere. Seems like a cool game and I love the hoop in the middle. Yes its true that the captain of the losing team got sacrified – maybe the English rugby team would have tried harder if applied here.

Another aspet is the ‘Cenote’ which is a sink hole with water – another place to sacrifice. Can swim in them now.

The loss of literature is tragic- only 4 books were saved out of countless thousands destroyed by the Spanish.

I still like the idea that a Phonecian sailor made it across 2000 years ago and shared some ideas but the proof isn’t there.

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