The magnificent ruins of Copan.

Situated just over the border from Guatemala this is a must see. The town pretty much only exists for tourism.

I couldn’t get the light right in the pics so now they are black and white.

Copan was a big player from 400ish to 1100ish – it contains the largest ‘story’ in Mayan history- basically a giant staircase of glyphs. It had collapsed over time and has been put back together hopefully in the right order. 

Things went badly when in late 600s Quirigua (see Guatemela album) came and killed 18 rabbit who had built a lot of this stuff. Not a lot of building after.

A cool aspect of construction is that when a King died they built a new tomb over the old one – so underneath the one you see if another in great condition as the colors aren’t sun damaged. You go into a tunnel to see it. This stuff is stil being discovered even over last 20 years.

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