The smallest republic in the world at 8 square miles. UN member nation of 10,000 people. In fact, it is the least visited country in the world too.

In the 1980s was the 2nd richest country per capita in the world due to phosphate mining revenue. The trust fund was abused and now runs empty and the phosphate mining stopped years ago.

There is talk of restarting mining but the equipment may be too far gone to use.

Ecologically and economically devastated it has relied on foreign donors – at one point the Russian Mafia using it as a money laundering facility. Taiwan paid $100 million to be recognized as a country – after 2 years Nauru wanted more so switched allegience back to China and its 1 China policy. I found an old sign from a Taiwanese donation.

In the 2000s it began housing refugees destined for Australia. The camps closed but reopened a few years ago. Now there are 700 Australians running the detention center.

I did not take photos of workers, refugees or the camp as that would breach the terms of visa for entry by implying I’m a journalist.

It is one of the few Pacific nations that require a visa for entry – given there is no tourism industry the only reason anyone would turn up would be as a journalist in regards to the refugees.

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