I don’t SCUBA, all these are free diving. If you ever want a work out try holding your breath 150 times in a row for 1 minute with a 1 minute stop between each time – while kicking, focusing a camera, checking the shot, reshooting.

14 months prior both my hips were operated on so now have titanium wire holding the damaged cartilage together. Wasn’t sure if I would wear fins again. Was able to push up to 60 feet /18 meters but didn’t want to risk dropping my camera if I went deeper and misjudged.

I use Ruku blades which are 90cm long carbon fiber fins. Can get at oceanhunter.co.nz 

Camera gear from globaldive.net

‘There are a lot of ghosts out there’ said the guide. Truk AKA Chuuk lagoon was the site of the largest Japanese base in WW2. The Americans destroyed them big time and now it is considered the best wreck diving in the world. Breathtaking as it is to dive its important to not lose sight of the fact this is graveyard of 10,000 of guys who died in a pretty gruesome way.

More on the wrecks here


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