My first day with the newly released Sony RX1. Fair to say it exceeded all expectations.

This is the largest festival in the world only held every 12 years. I had seen it in Time Magazine in 2001 and remembered I wanted to go. By sheer luck I heard it was on and manged to get in there to see the action.

70 million people come during the month to bathe in the Ganges for this Holy Festival. On this morning there was an estimated 20 million. The naked Sadhu holy men bathe and then form a procession. 

You needed to submit 10 years of Associated Press or Reuters photography accreditation to be allowed inside the crazy area. I don’t have that so jumped the barrier and made the most of it.

Apart from the first 5 pics these are chronological to show the light coming up from appx 3am when I headed out of my tent hotel to see the action.

There are 6+ movies just about getting lost at Kumbh Mela its really quite something.

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